Tiered Herb Garden, part 2 {create}


As promised yesterday, here’s our tiered herb garden! It’s a really easy and pretty quick project, and definitely do-able in a weekend. We bought the materials and painted the pots on Saturday, and then on Sunday afternoon, we did all the planting.

Stacking the painted pots in prep for the herbs

Our chosen materials:

  • 3 different sizes of terra cotta pots (Wal-mart)
  • white primer spray paint
  • red spray paint
  • old plastic planter & large rock (to bolster the stacked pots)
  • herbs (we fit about 7 plants in our planters)
  • potting soil

We started out early on Saturday morning, visiting a few different places to scope out planters and herbs. I was surprised to discover that it was Wal-mart that had the types and sizes of terra cotta pots we needed, over a home improvement store and a nursery. We also bought local, organic herbs from a nearby nursery; they were only 25 cents more than the ones we saw elsewhere, and I was glad to support a local business and have organic herbs to boot.

Positioning the herbs so we can figure out what goes where before officially planting.

Once we had all the materials, we set to work priming the pots, letting them dry, and painting them red. The spray paint cans said it took 24 hours to completely dry, so we left things as they were overnight. Thankfully, Sunday was another beautiful day for outdoor work. To make the stacked look, we put an old plastic planter in the bottom container to hold the middle terra cotta pot, surrounding it with potting soil, and a large rock (also surrounded with soil) in the middle pot to hold the small terra cotta pot. The kids helped us plant the herbs, put in extra potting soil and water the finished planter (that was their favorite part).

The kids watering the new herb garden

The finished product, filled with chives, dill, Greek basil, oregano, parsley, sage, and sweet basil


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