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Cultivating growth takes time

I was trying to come up with a descriptive word to put on all my posts about homeschool and education. At first, I was planning to use {on our slate} as a cutesy nod to the (way) Old School use of chalk and slates to write math problems and spelling words and whatever else Anne of Green Gables or whomever needed to use them for. I still like the phrase, but then a synonym for educate– “cultivate”–caught my eye. And underneath that entry read:

Definition: nurture, take care of
Synonyms: aid, ameliorate, better, cherish, devote oneself to, educate , encourage, forward, foster, further, help, improve, instruct, nurse, patronize, promote, pursue, raise, rear, refine, support, teach, train

[emphasis mine]

Just look at that list of words. Is there any better way to describe what education, and in our particular case, a home education, is really all about? I really could have bolded every single synonym, but I chose the onese I especially connected with when I thought about what I hope our family time looks like during these homeschooling years. I want to cherish this extra time with my children and devote myself to educating and encouraging them as we raise them to young adulthood. It’s our job to nurture and support them, teach and train and refine them as they learn ABCs and biology and how to make good decisions.

We are total newbies when it comes to homeschooling. We only just decided a couple months ago that we’d definitely be heading down that path. I haven’t been reading blogs about homeschooling or researching curriculum (until recently, heh) or determining my teaching style and the kids’ learning styles. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a good bit of trial and error. But what it all comes down to for us, really, is our committment to cultivate in our children a love of learning, a loving relationship with us and a love of Christ as the leader of their lives.

“I want to cultivate the seed that was placed in me until the last small twig has grown.” –Kathe Kollwitz


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  1. Blessings on your homeschool journey. My oldest has but one year left with us. The time does indeed pass so quickly! It seems like yesterday I was teaching him his ABC’s.

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