Builder Grade Brass Chandelier Makeover (motivate)


It’s hard for me to believe that we’ve been in our house for 10 years already. Didn’t we just move in, like, last year? But as far as decorating, it feels like we’ve only just begun. Aside from painting the walls (which came in basic builder’s white, ugh), the only major improvements we’ve done in the past decade were replace the downstairs carpet with laminate flooring to (mostly) match the dining room hardwoods, and replace our kitchen countertops with Corian solid surface countertops. Oh, and my husband added a kitchen island to greatly help with our storage and counter space needs.

Maybe it’s the number of years we’ve lived here that makes me take a little closer look at all the “little” things that seem to need updating around the house. Or maybe it’s Pinterest. (I’m not gonna lie; it’s probably the beautiful inspiration of Pinterest that’s mostly to blame. ;-)) We’re making a list of all the projects, big and small, that we want to try and accomplish throughout this year. Things like repaint the porch rails, repaint rooms, add a kitchen corner bench with storage. And so much more. But those are things that require a good bit of time and money. So we decided to start small.

Enter: the builder grade brass chandelier in our dining room.

Brass Chandelier

Isn’t it so….shiny?

We’re not really all that into brass. But it’s everywhere in our house: the kitchen cabinet pulls, every single doorknob, this chandelier. I’m not sure why we’ve not replaced it, other than the fact that we mostly eat in the kitchen, and replacing a chandelier is sort of at the bottom of our To Do list. But then I started seeing some pictures pop up on Pinterest.

Like this one:

White painted chandelier

I like how the white extends the color of the upturned bowls

Apartment Therapy

And this one:

Chandelier with shade

Add a shade to create a totally different look.

Young House Love

And all of these:

Brightly painted chandeliers

Chandeliers spray painted in beautifully bright colors

Addicted 2 Decorating

I just love all the colors in the last set of pictures. But, sadly for me, something like that wouldn’t really fit with our house’s overall decor scheme. And since we’re looking for a cheap fix on the chandelier, an entire houseful of interior redecorating is definitely out of the picture. So I kept browsing Pinterest. And eventually found exactly what we were looking for. Check back tomorrow for a post on our brass chandelier makeover!


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