Builder Grade Brass Chandelier Makeover, part 2 (create)


Despite loving all those pretty colors on the chandeliers in my motivation post yesterday, we knew we needed to go with something a little more suited to our current home decor. With that in mind, we chose the Oil Rubbed Bronze from Krylon’s Brushed Metal line:

Say good-bye to the brass!

After removing the lightbulbs and covering the electrical parts with painter’s tape, my husband hung the chandelier outside on a tree limb to make the spray painting a little easier. We placed some old cardboard underneath, and painted away all that ugly brass.

Hanging the chandelier enabled us to ensure it was covered evenly on all sides by the spray paint.

We put about three coats of the oil rubbed bronze paint on the chandelier. It took more than one can. I’ve read that some people prime the chandelier first, or rough it up a bit to help the paint hold. We went the quick and easy route and went straight to the spray paint. So far, everything’s holding up well. We used the leftover paint to redo our brass kitchen cabinet knobs while we were in the painting groove. We have plans to paint all the brass doorknobs in the house as well, but that’s going to take some time. Because there are a LOT of doorknobs in the house.

It was great to see the “new” chandelier back in the dining room after we let it dry. Here’s a before-and-after:

Brass Chandelier

The brass Before

Isn’t that so much better?

For now, we’ve left the faux candle holders white. I’ve seen several makeovers where people have painted them, but the husband wasn’t sure, so we left them for now. Either way, I’m definitely happy with this upgrade, and the only cost was a couple cans of spray paint!


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