Time to Stomp & Roar! Dino-mite Party {motivate}


Time to stomp and roar! Someone is turning 4! Someone in our house, that is. That’s right, the Little Man isn’t quite so little anymore. He loves to stomp and roar all over the place, whether he’s imitating dinosaurs or not! 🙂 I admit, I was relieved when he decided he wanted a dinosaur party, because he’d mentioned at one point Spider-man, and I’m just not ready for the superhero stage. He’s not *that* big, yet….right? 🙂

Anyway, a week or two ago, I started scouring the Web (a.k.a., Pinterest) for some rawr-ing ideas for a dinosaur party fit for a T-Rex, and boy, did I ever find them! Here are just a few of the ideas that have inspired me (and made me long for an unlimited party budget!)

I love the bright colors and the pennant bunting banner

Source: via Kara’s Party Ideas (her dino category has several awesome parties for inspiration)

Check out this cute dino cake! Almost too cute to eat!

Source: Frost Me blog

Dino eggs in yarn decor! And the cheery colors are just the icing on the cake!

Source: Turtle Crafty Girl (via Hostess with the Mostess)

Most adorable party hats ever–those spikes down the back are perfect!

Source: Wants & Wishes Design

A backpack for all your Dino Dig needs–great idea!

Source: Chrystal, via Hostess with the Mostess

I could sit here and look at Pinterest and party sites all day (…maybe I already have done that…), but I’ll leave the rest of the pinning and checking out to you. These are just the beginning of the great ideas I’ve seen via Pinterest across the Web, so if you’re in need of a dino-themed party, you definitely don’t have to worry about any of these great ideas going extinct! And stay tuned for my {create} with pictures and details about our own dino-mite party!


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