Chore Charts: Getting the Kids Involved {motivate}


You know what I wonder sometimes? Why younger children loooove to hover around you while you’re doing that mad cleaning dash through the house, all the while begging to “please let me help you” with whatever chore you’re doing. But then when you ask them to actually help by making their bed or picking up their clothes and toys, they grumble and whine and don’t want to do it. Why is that? I’m sure it has a lot to do with them wanting to be around us, maybe a little to do with wanting to do “grown up” stuff, and perhaps a touch of indifference about their the state of their own rooms. Obviously what constitutes “messy” to Mom is not the same for the kids a lot of times.

At any rate, we are in the process of trying to get both of our children more involved in the daily upkeep of the house. I was not one of those moms who was on top of such things when the kids were 2 or 3. I mean, yes, they are supposed to put away toys and try to keep their rooms clean, and all that. But we’re only just starting to be more consistent about that and proactive about other stuff. Mostly because I just haven’t thought much about the fact that they are ready and can handle more than I give them credit for, at ages 6 and 4. They can carry their dirty dishes to the sink, and we’re starting to set that expectation for them to do so now, as just one example.

So I’ve been exploring Pinterest for different variations of chore charts to use with the kids. There are so many good ideas out there! We haven’t decided whether or not we’ll include a reward system along with this chart-keeping, or what sort of rewards there will be if we go that route. But more than anything, I think the visual reminder will go a long way in helping our kids to remember their role in helping Daddy and Mommy keep the house–the place we all live and play–clean(er). At least, I’m hoping it will!

Here are just a few of the chore charts I’ve found that have inspired me lately. And they are just a drop in the bucket to all the different methods I’ve seen people post on Pinterest to help you get your kids inolved in house upkeep.

Lil' Luna's DIY Magnetic Chore Chart

Lil’ Luna’s DIY Magnetic Chore Chart

I love the beautiful, bright look of this chart by {Lil’ Luna}. It would be sure to catch the attention of my little girl, with the bold pinks and pretty flowers.


Simple weekly chore chart by The Home Teacher

Simple weekly chore chart by The Home Teacher

Sometimes simple is best, and I liked the look of this weekly chart by {The Home Teacher}. You could even stick this printable behind a glass picture frame and use a dry erase marker to check off completed chores.


Chore Charts by A Lemon Squeezy Home

Chore Charts by A Lemon Squeezy Home

And speaking of picture frames, that’s the look {A Lemon Squeezy Home} went for with these charts. I liked the clean look and the motion of moving chores from one column to another.

Chalkboard Chore Charts by 1825

Chalkboard Chore Charts by 1825

I think these chalkboard chore charts by {eighteen25} are just pure cuteness. Love the scrolled look and am on a mission to find the chalk marker that was mentioned. Have never heard of it before!

We’ve  already got our DIY chore chart project in progress, but it’s not complete so I can’t post about it yet. As I said before, these are just the tiniest fraction of all the wonderful ideas on Pinterest. I could keep posting pictures, but it’s probably easier on all of us if you just check out the rest for yourselves. 🙂

Do you use chore charts with your children or some other method of dividing up the household responsibilites?


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