Jar of Hearts: Acts of Love Valentine Craft Project {celebrate}


We’re still working on our chore charts, because my D-I-Y lately has been S-L-O-W. But hopefully I’ll have the update to that last post soon.

In the meantime, Valentine’s Day is coming up next week, and awhile ago I pinned this post from MakeandTakes.com. I don’t really go overboard with Valentine’s Day, don’t do a lot of decorations or stuff like that. But we do give a little treat to the kids, and I wanted something fun and different to do this year, especially since we’re homeschooling and my little kindergartener won’t have the fun of exchanging valentines with a class full of other little kids. When I saw the Acts of Love Countdown on Pinterest, I thought that it was a great idea. I liked that it was something that focused on doing kind things for one another to show love, rather than something frivolous or meaningless or sugar-filled.

Jar of Hearts: 14 Acts of Love Valentine's Countdown

Jar of Hearts: 14 Acts of Love Valentine’s Countdown

My apologies for the less-than-great pictures. I’m on a computer without any photo-editing programs and I wanted to get this post up. There are some better pictures and a step-by-step tutorial at the original post you can check out. Originally, I was going to tweak the messages on the back to be more personal to our own family, but I ran out of time and just used the great free printable already provided. I printed it out, cut out the hearts and messages, taped them around our paper straws and stuck them in the jar of rice. Then we decorated the outside of the jar. You’ll probably notice the original take on this project included dyeing the rice red. That is a fantastic idea, but again, I was in a hurry so I passed that up. Maybe next time.

I loved that this is an activity we can do as a whole family. We started it the first day of February, but this is so flexible, it can be started a week before Valentine’s, the week of Valentine’s or the whole month, whatever fits your family’s needs. So far, among other things, we’ve made each others’ beds, cleaned doorknobs, given thanks for one another and shared a great big family bear hug. That’s definitely the way to go in celebrating Valentine’s Day! Love all your loved ones in word *and* deed!

My girl added her own little touch: she shaped a pipe cleaner into a heart and we tied it onto the jar.

I think this project is definitely something we will revisit year after year. I think it would also be fun to do during the week of a loved one’s birthday as well. Do you have any special traditions you do for Valentine’s Day?


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