Love From Head to Toe: Heartprint Craft {celebrate}


I stumbled across this project on Pinterest yesterday while trying to find a cute, easy Valentine’s craft for the kids to make for their grandparents. This fit my requirements of fast and easy, but I’ll warn you with younger kids, you have to include “messy” on that list of adjectives. My 6-year-old was no problem, but my little 4-year-old boy just wanted to paint his hands, the table, the floor, his clothes… I’m sure you get the idea. 🙂

I was in charge of painting the kids’ hands and feet, and I think that was their favorite part. They loved the tickle of the foam brush on their foot, and I think they were disappointed that their hands weren’t ticklish.

It's a big pink foot!

It’s a big pink foot!

After all the painting was done, we let them dry while we got all cleaned up. I had the kids glue the pictures to some construction paper and then I added the message. If they were a bit older with neater handwriting, I would’ve let them do it to make it more personal. They wrote their names under the “I love you!” at the bottom and I dated it on the back. I couldn’t decide if I wanted “Happy Valentine’s Day 2013” on the front or back, so I put it on the back. I think if I’d kicked it up a notch with pretty font and paper, I probably would’ve put in on the front. But the homegrown look is perfect for my little ones.

I look at these pictures and wonder where those big feet came from!

I look at these pictures and wonder where those big feet came from!

And there you go! A quick, easy from-the-heart valentine for some special family members in your life! What’s your favorite hand- or footprint craft that your kids or grandkids have done?


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