Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! {cultivate}


This week, I’ve noticed a lot of parents posting pictures of their kids in wacky hats, dressed up as their favorite book characters and other lots of book-related fun. And then I find out there’s a celebration of Dr. Seuss this week! Sounds like a fun day of school to me! I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, but we managed to have a Seuss-tastic day of it anyway.

We started our day with some green eggs and ham (well, a version of ham). Thanks to the Daddy of the house, who works from home on Fridays and got to join in the fun. In person, our eggs were a nice, bright spring green. A little more palatable. Our daughter was hesitant, but our 4-year-old little man dove right in. But everyone ate them!

Green eggs and...bacon. It's all we had.

Green eggs and…bacon. It’s all we had.

We did some of our regular math worksheets and I added in a couple of Dr. Seuss-related ones. Seussville.com has a large selection of printables and activities that I snagged one from, and I look forward to using more of their resources for next year’s Suess Day or even if I want to focus on a particular book sometime. My daughter and I read The Cat in the Hat together for reading time, and then, since I had wanted to read Green Eggs and Ham, but every copy was checked out in our library system (including the audio books!), I let Tim Tebow read it to my kids instead. I also had a Dr. Seuss children’s biography book on reserve from the library, but it hasn’t become available yet. I was disappointed in that, but we’ll just have to read it next week when it comes in. The name of it is The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss.

We had a bit of musical appreciation while we did our craft. We stumbled upon some of the soundtrack to Seussical the Musical on YouTube, and the kids had fun dancing around, especially to the Green Eggs and Ham song. I admit that I do not know anything about Seussical, but the songs we listened to were pretty upbeat and fun. I might investigate it further, because I love musicals.

For our craft, we made Cat in the Hat pop-up puppets that I found here at Stuff by Ash. A bit more parent helping required than I usually like for a children’s craft (gluing on the top and brim of the hat, and cutting out of things), but I think our girl liked the project in the end. You can’t see it in the picture, but instead of a dowel rod, I reused a red-and-write striped straw from our Valentine’s Jar of Hearts project. How’s that for great repurposing!)

Cat in the Hat pops up!

Cat in the Hat pops up!

After all that learning and dancing and fun, everyone was hungry, so along with our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I made Cat in the Hat Hat Kabobs. I saw the idea on Pinterest to make them with strawberries and bananas, but I lacked the bananas and had to improvise. They were a hit!

Cat in the Hat Hat Kabobs, with strawberries and marshmallows

Cat in the Hat Hat Kabobs, with strawberries and marshmallows

Fridays are our usual pizza-and-family-movie night, so I think we’re going to conclude our Seuss Day with a Netflix viewing of The Lorax. It’ll be a new one for all of us; I’ve never even read the original story, or not that I remember anyway. I’ve seen so many adorable and creative ideas for Dr. Seuss-themed crafts, food and learning that I look forward to doing this day again next year–or maybe even sooner, when I have the chance to better prepare for it!

What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss story?


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