Resurrection Eggs {celebrate}


I don’t remember where I first heard of this idea, but it was probably on Pinterest. Have you heard or seen about Resurrection Eggs? Apparently, you can buy the product already made, but it sounded like a super-easy idea to D-I-Y, and that’s what I did last year. I decided I wanted to do the Resurrection eggs again this year, so I pulled them out with the Easter baskets on Saturday. I still had all of my numbered eggs exept one, so I fixed that up and started filling them. I guess there are a couple of different lists of items to put in the plastic eggs, but the list below is what I used. I love that the items are pretty simple to find around the house, or easy to substitute with items you might have around (For example, no purple cloth? Try purple construction paper.)

  • bread
  • coin
  • purple cloth
  • thorn (I used a rose thorn)
  • thick string
  • cross (my husband pounded two nails together for this, but you could also use toothpicks,etc)
  • nail
  • King of the Jews sign
  • sponge
  • spear (I used a toothpick)
  • rock

In addition to those small items, you’ll need 12 plastic eggs and an egg carton–we recycled an empty one we had sitting around. The rest is easy peasy, as my daughter has taken to saying lately. Cut out the list of verses (I found them at this site), and place them and their corresponding objects in each appropriately numbered egg. Fill up your carton and you’re ready for a hands-on lesson about Christ’s resurrection! You could even make it more of a craft by having your kids paint and/or decorate the egg carton. I might add that step in next year. (I might also just write the numbers on the eggs instead of keeping the raggedy paper on there. :-))

A dozen eggs to tell the story of Christ's resurrection

A dozen eggs to tell the story of Christ’s resurrection

There’s some versatility in how you go about presenting the eggs. You can start 12 days prior to Easter and do one each day. Or, you can do like we’re doing this year, and start the week before Easter and do two each day. This works especially well for us because opening the eggs was our kids’ favorite part, and this way, they each get to open one every day. You could even do them all in one day, and repeat the lesson over several days leading up to Easter.

Each of the 12 eggs contain a small object and a Bible verse. Well, except Egg 12--it's just got the verse, because the tomb is empty!

Each of the 12 eggs contain a small object and a Bible verse. Well, except Egg 12–it’s just got the verse, because the tomb is empty!

Along with the Easter garden TG made, I think this will be an Easter tradition we’ll keep up, at least for the next several years while the kids are still in the little-and-learning stage. What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Easter and Christ’s resurrection?


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